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+MALE BODY STUDY II+ by jinx-star +MALE BODY STUDY II+ by jinx-star
█ Date of Completion: 25|09|10

EDIT: AHHHHHHHHOMG!!!THANKS SO MUCH :iconlajvio:FOR THE SUGGESTION AND :iconfantasystock: for the DD!! QAQ Nearly heart attack. This is so big for me. :love:


More body studies and also practice on my shading. This one generally took more time.

Still have so much to learn about male muscle structures.

References *vishstudio
Texture (C) ~struckdumb
Artwork (C) Steph 2010
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Daily Deviation

Given 2010-11-23
+BODY STUDY II+ by *jinx-star -- Suggester's words: This piece is really lovely, not only is the drawing really good, the realism and posing of bodies gives a lot of feelings and emotions. ( Suggested by lajvio and Featured by FantasyStock )
innerheat Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Used as reference here:…
TheMeekWarrior Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You captured the curving form so perfectly, and the poses are so dramatic! I still have troubles getting all those bones and muscles to go so naturally together like that, I may use this for reference in the future. <': Very well done!
Appypollyloggies1 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Student General Artist
I use these for reference all the time, thanks so much  Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
sakuretta94 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
Non ho parole... perfetti!
ManeaOana Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used 3 models (until now) for my drawings, I hope you don't mind :) Since I'm not a student for arts I don't know the proportions very well so I need some models to sketch. :)
landra95 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi, what kind of paper did you use for drawing? :O
Oomizo Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
This is really good, thank you! And congrats on the DD!
Rookie141 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :) should be helpful for learning ^^
laeti-chan Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
thank you really much!!! i love the moves, i have some difficuties to draw men so thanks^^!!
caballero-nocturno Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
thanks :D
pandaora Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks for the anatomy studies! This one is my favorite! ^^
Neo-N Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Use this as a ref here:…

Hope you don't mind! It was very helpful c:
DenmarkKittenKiss Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, these are good!
Silkkat Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you! This really helps! ^-^
TheDeathofReality Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the fluidity in your poses. It's always so refreshing to see.
amandababy11 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
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koolpatty5 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
they're so great! thank you for posting these
TsukiShinju Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reference is beautiful! Very helpful (and sexy). Thank you! :iconadorableplz:
patiencealif Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Interface Designer
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ShaolaBee Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow this was so much help thank you!! :)
cezarian Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
great stuff! very educational!
Ragnarok6664 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So helpfully & thorough :)
iamvetta Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
you're pretty amazing
TIAGOTLR Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
cool very perfect
TIAGOTLR Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
boycrazybaby123 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
lovely!! MUST USE!! :)
BetweenTheTeardrops Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Very useful work

Here are my takes on two of those poses

thefireoflife Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student General Artist
n i c e .
just wonderful help. thank you!
Malfunctional-Maniac Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sexy sexy!! XD Insta-fave~ :icondroolplz:
No, but really, you have great talent.
sandrababy4u Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
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Thanks angela
jayzeerox Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is really great!! ^^ And um... I meant to ask before, but I'd like to let you know that I used this as a reference just while casually doodling, and I posted it here: [link] . Please let me know if you'd like me to take it down. ^^;
Rabdo Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student General Artist
They look like they're trying way too hard to look sexy.
Kiwi-San Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I couldn't resist taking this as reference! ;__; I hope you are not mad!!!
DatorVitae Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you don't mind if i uses these, I would be glad to give you credit if I put them up. :)
Seabit Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D This is really helpful! Thank you!
MystiquePanda Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
oh you gotta love the male figure
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o0oVixeno0o Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
.... must.. learn... from maestro of men.... :iconblushplz:
charcharie Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Ah! This helped me so much! Thank you!! ^^
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Deimenox Featured By Owner May 7, 2012   Digital Artist
Thank you! This helped me a lot. ^^,
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Flooi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Professional Filmographer
One day when I grow up, I'm going to be like u! *sparkling eyes*
green0eyes Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
your drawings are so amazing! i have never been able to draw a male body ever until i came across these! i have drawn three of yous and i hope that i will be able to draw without a reference the more i practise with your drawings! keep up the good work!
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